Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Kind of a Scrap Booker Are you?

HevScrap sent out this getting to know you questionnaire today, so I'm going to try and answer the questions. I will add my answers at the end to make it easier for you to copy and paste if you want to answer the questionnaire yourself.

1. Scrapper/cardmaker/both?
2. How long have you been scrapping/cardmaking ? How did you get into it?
3. Do you prefer to work alone, or get together with friends/go to crops/classes etc?
4. Favorite embellishments?
5. Favorite paper brands?
6. Favorite tool?
7. Favorite kind of ink?
8. Whose your scrap idol?
9. Something you bought that you wish you hadn't or have never used?
10. Do you have your own scrap room or do you work in a shared area?
11. Are you a chronological, reverse chronological, or random scrapper?
12. What is your scrapping style if you have one?
13. Whats on your work area right now?
14. Favorite adhesive?
15. Technique you have never tried that you would like to?
16. Are you on or have you ever been on a design team or been a guest designer?
17. Have you ever had your work published?
18. Are you a consultant for a company such as Close to my heart, stampin up, creative memories, etc?
19. Do you subscribe to any kit clubs, if so which ones?
20. Do you have a minimal stash of supplies or are you a shopper/collecter?
21. Are you a sketch user, scraplifter, or do you come up with it all on your own?
22. Do you participate in any online challenges, if so which ones?
23. Do you own any diecutting machines (manual or electric) and if so which ones?
24. If you have a manual diecutting machine what kind of does do you use?
25. Are you a Stickleser (is that even a word?)

My answers to  the the questions above:
 1. Mainly a scrapper, I have done a few cards and plan to do more in the future.
 2. Since July 2002. See my blogs of April 5th and 6th, 2010.
 3. Working alone, but I do attend weekend scrapping retreats at least twice a year.
 4. Distressing with ink or chalk is my favorite embellishment.
 5. K & Company is my favorite paper company
 6. Cricut is currently my favorite tool.
 7. Ranger is my favorite ink.
 8. I don't have a scrap idol, but since I have discovered Tim Holtz I love his style.
 9. Xyron Runner I bought about a year ago, but I have never used it.
10. I am trying to put a room together, I live alone and at the moment I have things spread over three rooms.
11. Chronological
12. Two page and multiple picture is my preference in style.
13. My work area at the moment is in disarray, because I am trying to move everything into one room.
14. Xyron 900 is my favorite adhesive. If I go to a crop than I take the Xyron 500.
15.Heat embossing is the technique I want to try. I have all the supplies needed.
16. Never been on a design team or a guest.
17. No my work has never been published.
18. No have never been a consultant for a company.
19. Don't describe to any kit clubs.
20. I'm a shopper/collector.
21. Come up with it on my own, even though I keep a binder with sketches.
22. No, I do not participate in challenges.
23. Die cutting machines I own: Manual-Sizzix Original(big red) and Sizzix Sidekick; Electric-Cricut Original and Cricut Expression
24. See #23 and I still use the Original at home and the Sidekick I take to crops.
25. I bought some of the Stickles about a year ago, but I have not used them.


Heather said...

Thanks for participating! Its nice to get to know people!

Dakota Bear said...

Heather-it was interesting.