Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Album Finished

         Well, I have been scrapbooking for eight years and I have several scrapbooks in different stages of started. Now, I have finally finished creating a scrapbook. This scrapbook is about my perspective of our 2010 Family Reunion cruise. The incentive to finish it and share at the Family Reunion we just finished having last weekend. I have shared a couple of the pages from the book in the previous blog post. Unfortunately, I can not share the rest of the pages with you, because I don't publish pictures of the people I scrapbook.
        Now it is onward to complete some of the books I have started and begin some others I would like to get done. One is a request by my son for a book about him as a child and young man. I have bought the album and some supplies for it, next I need to scan pictures and put it all together. The other album I want to get started is a heritage album. So far I have bought paper for it.