Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Scrapbooking is a hobby I started doing about seven years ago in the new format of decorative papers and embellishment. Now I had done what was known as a scrapbook when I was in high school back in the 1950s. In it are pictures of school events, moviestar photos I liked from magazines, party favors, and quotes I like from newspaper and magazine articles.

At that time it was very inexpensive. You just bought an album that said SCRAPBOOK on the front cover and you used photo corners or tape to adhere things to the pages. Now as I look through that book,some of the photo corners have come off and the tape has turned brown and in some places have completely lost it's adherence to the picture and page. Oh well, we did not know any better back then. Than of course we followed that with  photo albums the pages had a stick surface and plastic protective covering a BIG mistake over time. Now people are trying to remove their precious pictures from those albums to save them in a more acid free condition.

Today scrapbooking is a whole new thing. Hopefully you buy everything that is acid and lignin free, so thing will withstand the test of time. Among the many things you might buy will be post, strap bound or 3-ring albums. Than you preceed to buy the following: cardstock and printed paper; chipboard letter and shapes; paper trimmers and  scissors; adhesives; inks, paints or chalks; stickers; embellishments of all sorts; diecutting machines(manual or electric); cartridges and dies for those diecutting machines; and numerous tools.

The next thing you know you now need a room to store all this stuff and a place to work on your beautiful layouts. Layout is what the page with your pictures and embellishments is now called. At the moment I have all the stuff I have bought distributed among three rooms in my house. Last week I started organizing all the stuff I had accumulated over the past seven years. Some of it I have never used. I think I could open my own store and still have stuff left over (only kidding!). After sorting through some of the stuff, it required going out and buying some containers to store it all in an orderly and usuable fashion. It was interesting to rediscover some of the things I have. Amazingly I only found two duplicates; one is a Cricut spatula and the other is Sizzix Sidekick. Eventually, I hope to have it all in one room probably the library.

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